You Make Me

I’d like to believe that each one of us has that one certain person who can easily make the darkest sky turn into a bright blue hue. A very stupid, idiotic, and dumb person that can make you do all the silliest of things. A very unlikely person whom you do not want to cross paths with. But with an unforeseen sudden turn of events, that same person will make you believe in love and make you experience the true meaning of life. A person whom you want to spend the rest of your life with…

You make me sing
You don’t know what joy you bring
You make me dance
Even just by your single glance

77920-200Look at how far we’ve come
 We stronger than ever
I know I will never be glum
Because with you, I know there is forever

Read the whole poem at iWonderSpirit by Corina Medina

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