Past is P.A.S.T

/PAST/ (adj.)

gone by in a long time and no longer existing.

    Have you ever been inlove with someone special then suddenly… In just one snap you just need to let go of everything? 😒😞😔

   It’s hard to think and accept those kind of situation right? However, even if we force for that special someone to bring back and do the same way that the both of you used in doing it in months, years or decades of being together; if he or she doesn’t like to be with you anymore, just ACCEPT THE FACT THAT THE TWO OF YOU WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN.😳

    Sad reality but we all need to wake up! Cheer up girls and bruhs all around the world! 👍🏻 Everything will be okay 😊 For more tips of moving on…

Read this blog post!


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