Moments in the Universe

Regrets. And more regrets. That’s all I have when I missed the bus of chance. When I missed grabbing your hand the day you handed it to me. Starting from that day on, how I wish for our paths to cross once more, for us to have our moment in the universe…

To the One (Who Got Away)

It was a day to remember for her and a day of remembrance for me.

77920-200He gave me everything. Even more than what I could ever ask for. I’d like to believe that in that moment, I was the sun and he was the earth. He exerted efforts any girl could’ve wished for.

What if I said yes to you before? What if you asked me later rather than sooner? What if I told you I like you, now? What if we had another moment in our life, will you see me as your sun again? What if?

Finish the letter at iWonderSpirit by Corina Medina

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