BT Campaign: The Petition

Each of us is the hope of our country.

I probably haven’t seen the light of day nor have I learned to count from 1 to 3, but this weight of being the harbinger of change in the society has already been placed upon my shoulder.  The same weight that was carried by my parents, by my grandparents, by my great grandparents, and the parents of my great grandparents, is now upon me and my generation. Because today, the power is no longer within them, but with us. The choice is no longer with them, but is now at our palms.

But, how can we stitch the fabric of a better society when some of the colorful threads lost in the world, drowned in poverty, and caged in illiteracy. How can we start working together when we can’t even hold each other’s hands? How can we paint our beautiful picture of tomorrow, if today is someone’s last last breath?

We may be the hope of our future, but not all of us is certain to be part of that future. Abuse and exploitation surrounds our generation.We are seen as fresh meat by the beastly predators who want nothing but to get on top of the food chain. they take advantage of our innocence and frailty. But, who will help us? Who will save us?

As a youth group, Six Beaux Esprits (SBE) envisions to help its fellow youth who are in the underprivileged sector. By launching a petition campaign, SBE hopes to launch the first ever fundraising-fair in School of St. Anthony for school year 2017-2018 that will benefit Bahay Tuluyan (BT), a non-governmental organization.

Join the cause, today and sign the petition at: BT Campaign: Fundraising for the Nation’s Hope in SSA


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