Six beaux esprits is a collaboration among six individuals with different personalities. Get to know each of the author by visiting and reading their blogs. Don’t forget to follow them for more updates.

La Charmante Dame



Hey there, Wonderers! I am Corina Medina, a 17-year old girl from the Philippines who desires to explore life’s possibilities. I enjoy baking, photography, and reading stereotypical teenage romantic novels. Have a peek of my life through my posts, articles, and galleries written here. Stay inspired and loving life!



La fille d’espoir



The dreamer who thoughtfully reconsiders life and future endeavours. Usually playing the ukulele and humming a tune. A firm believer that fortune favors the daring.  Always and maybe for forever. Read my story here.




Danseur sans peur



At this age, I’m only interested in consistency, stability, respect and loyalty. And I want to hear someone tell me that they love me and know they mean it. View more of my journey here.





La fille courageuse



Love is a complex thing. It cannot be defined to only one sentence. It takes a lot of explanation & experience to feel love. But just like what they say, love is not only through romantic relationships. But it is also evident in our everyday lives like love for our friends, neighbors, pets, family, enemies and your passion. My site talks about the different love we have with our surroundings and how I encounter them in my life.


Rêveur illimité


The girl who experienced a tons of bitterness in life, yet continually chooses to explore the world and love every elements which built her to become a grown woman. She loves to reach the stars with anyone in which she believes it would rebuild someone’s broken hope. See more here.




Seul garçon



Rudolf Peralta is the founder of the Manila-based Blog, RKMNL. Launched in 2017, Rudolf has consistently produced quality content for his blog and continues to give more. Join Rudolf in his adventures, one post at a time.